Theatre at the Fête fransaskoise was sporadic. However, the plays that were presented were always well received. The beginning of the 1990s was the golden age for theatre at the festival, with the Drama Festival which took place from 1993 to 1995. The staging of the play La trahison (The Betrayal) by the Fransaskois Laurier Gareau was one of the best moments. La Trahison The director, Denis Rouleau, recalled the impact of this play, which highlighted the controversial role of the church in the ending of the Métis uprising in 1885 (audio). In February 1996, the heading of an article in l'Eau vive was 'There will be no more drama festival at the Fête fransaskoise, but there will be theatre'. This decision by the CCF was made for reasons of economy, but it annoyed the creative people who appreciated having an audience suited to their art. In spite of the reduced resources, theatre continued to be part of the festival until its final event.