Is the Festival Going to Return?

Hélène Marchildon of Zenon Park was disappointed by the loss of the festival. She deplores the main result, which is distancing from the other Francophone communities in the province (audio). Philippe Potié, chair of the festival organizing committee at Zenon Park in 2000, speaks of this event as one of the rare occasions when the Fransaskois could socialize and become aware of how dynamic their community was (audio).

So, will the festival come back? Fransaskois historian Laurier Gareau thinks so, but in his opinion it will only be possible if one organization is responsible for the event (audio). Robert Therrien, director of the Conseil de la Coopération de la Saskatchewan, would like to see an intimate format for the festival, rather like that of its last years (audio). Let's conclude our thoughts on the Fête fransaskoise with this prediction by Annette Labelle with respect to the future of the festival (audio).