The Organizing Committees

While the CCF provided a corporate memory for the festival, the organizing committees gave it the special flavour of their locality. Every year people in the host community did their best to think of activities which would give the festival a unique character. They shared their ideas with the CCF coordinator who saw to their implementation. The communities of Vonda (1999) and Zenon Park (2000) pulled off the exploit of organizing the festival without the logistic or financial support of the CCF. The heavy burden of the task was underlined in an editorial in l'Eau vive in August 2000, which stated that 'a permanent solution is required to ensure the continuity of the festival'.


Robert Therrien was president of the organizing committee at Willow Bunch in 1994. He described the role of the committee and compared it to that of the CCF.

Hélène and Léon Marchildon were members of the committee when the festival took place at Zenon Park. They told us that a lot of work awaited those volunteers.


«Direction Zénon: Un village tout en fête», 10 August 2000