The First Festival

The next year, l'Association jeunesse fransaskoise (Fransaskois Youth Association), encouraged by the success of On s'garoche à Batoche, suggested forming a committee to organize a four-day gathering intended for all Fransaskois. The committee, made up of members of the AJF, ACFC, and CCF, set out ambitious goals for a festival whose main purpose was to develop Fransaskois pride. In May 1980, l'Eau vive stressed the importance of organizing a large-scale festival. 'It's by going shoulder to shoulder, sharing the pleasures and working together that we develop the strength essential to our survival.' (L'Eau vive, May 14, 1980)

A grant, which was less than expected, forced the organizers to review their programming. The objectives were scaled down to make it possible for Francophone families to gather and learn about the history of the Fransaskois. More than 900 people showed up at the historic site of Saint Laurent de Grandin for the three days of the festival, which was considered a success for a first effort.