The Festivals at Saint Laurent

The CCF sponsored the festival from 1981. The association considered sponsorship part of its mandate, because the festival was an event which highlighted Fransaskois culture. From then on, the festival was described in terms of a gathering of Fransaskois families in a relaxed, informal atmosphere (L'Eau vive, June 3, 1981). In the beginning, the organizers called mainly on Fransaskois performers. The members of the Folle avoine group were among the regular participants. On fait du camping à la Fête fransaskoise, St-Laurent, 1981 That was the period when outdoor cafés were established -- where young amateur performers had a chance to show off their talent. It became a tradition of the Fête fransaskoise. In June 1981, an editorial in l'Eau vive emphasized that the festival provided an opportunity for Fransaskois to get together for fun and friendship, and for a few days, forget about the divisions and problems in the community.