Camping at the Fête fransaskoise in St-Laurent, 1981

The relay race of Lagimodière, 1981

Preparing meat for the pit BBQ

The Métis and Fransaskois flags side by side, Batoche, 1985

The Fête is a family affair, Prud'homme, 1987

The exhibition room, Prud'homme, 1987

Cantine, Prud'homme, 1987

Hart Rouge at the opening ceremonies, Prud'homme, 1987

The board of diretors of the Fête fransaskoise, Prud'homme, 1987

Registration, Prud'homme, 1987

Game field, Prud'homme, 1987

Nicole Lafrenière performing, Prud'homme, 1987

Evelyn Nachtergaele, Prud'?homme, 1987

La Ribambelle of Saskatoon in concert, Prud'homme, 1987

The Fête coincides with the 75th anniversary of Collège Matthieu, Gravelbourg, 1988

The Prime Minister Grant Devine is at the reunion of Fransaskois, Gravelbourg, 1988

Welcome to the Fête fransaskoise, Gravelbourg, 1988

Craft Workshop, Gravelbourg, 1988

Scavenger Hunt, Gravelbourg, 1988

Kids' workshop with the Danseurs de la rivière La Vieille, Gravelbourg, 1988

Opening ceremonies, Gravelbourg, 1988

Mass at the cathedral Notre-Dame-de-l?Assomption de Gravelbourg, Gravelbourg, 1988

Danseurs de la rivière La Vieille, Gravelbourg, 1988

Nouveau Station Wagon, Gravelbourg, 1988

Horse shoes, Gravelbourg, 1988

Hot air balloon, Prince Albert, 1990

Carmen Campagne, Ponteix, 1991

Mud Volleyball, 1991

Softball tournament, 1992

Cantine, Zenon Parc, 1992

Michel Lalonde and Zed, Zenon Park, 1992

Artists' Alley, Bellevue, 1995

Kiosks, Bellevue, 1995

Whole roasted lamb, arranged by AJF, Zenon Park, 2000

Downpour, Zenon Park, 2000

Jacques Chauvin, Willow Bunch, 2001

The giant of Beaupré with Robert Chabot, Willow Bunch, 2001

The giant of Beaupré takes off, Willow Bunch, 2001

Julien Poulin, Willow Bunch, 2001

Suroît, Willow Bunch, 2001

Yves Aquin and Jean Bilodeau at the Café-terrasse, Willow Bunch, 2001

Christie-Anne Blondeau, Willow Bunch, 2001

Annette Campagne, Willow Bunch, 2001

La Trahison/The Betrayal

Gérard Pittet, Willow Bunch, 2001