Activity 3

Learning Objectives

Fransaskois program
- Knowledge: in studying the history of the Fransaskois, understand, use and apply concepts of conflict, time, change and institutions.
- Skills: research, gather, summarize, compare; share information.
- Values: recognize with pride the contribution of several Fransaskois to the evolution of the Fransaskois community.
- Basic learning: use a wide range of language experience so that students are more familiar with a subject (communication); understand that technology affects society and is affected by it (introduction to technology); help better understanding of the personal, moral, social and cultural aspects in school subjects (personal and social abilities and values).
- Objectives: understand that institutions exist to respond to the people's needs, in this case the Fransaskois, and that these institutions have always wished to preserve and develop Fransaskois culture.

Immersion program:
- Knowledge: explain the seven key elements of culture and give examples: economics, politics, family, art, religion, education and recreation.
- Skills: classify and present relevant information and ideas; compare information and ideas in different ways: in writing, orally and in graphic form; undertake a research process to locate, gather, organize and present relevant data; participate appropriately and effectively in the group.
- Values: recognize the contributions of each cultural group and the resulting multicultural nature of Canadian society.
Target Audience

Students at the secondary level

Ideas studied

- The evolution of the Fête fransaskoise over time and its contribution to the Francophone
community in Saskatchewan.


- Students read the archive document called 'Will I be 21?'. It's about an editorial by Philippe Potié in L'Eau vive published on July 30, 1998.
- In his editorial, Philippe Potié states that the Fête fransaskoise has positive spin-offs on several levels. Students are to identify the arguments which support his opening statement.
- Students in their turn are to find arguments supporting their answer to the following question: will the Fête fransaskoise return?
- Students can identify the arguments only, or the teacher can ask them to write a complete text in editorial style (opinion letter).

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