Activity 1

Learning Objectives

Fransaskois program
- Knowledge: in studying the history of the Fransaskois, understand, use and apply concepts of conflict, time, change and institutions.
- Skills: research, gather, summarize, compare; share information.
- Values: recognize with pride the contribution of several Fransaskois to the development of the Fransaskois community we know today.
- Basic learning: use a wide range of language experience so that students are more familiar with a subject (communication); understand that technology affects society and is affected by it (introduction to technology); help better understanding of the personal, moral, social and cultural aspects in school subjects (personal and social abilities and values).

Immersion program
- Knowledge: explain the seven key elements of culture and give examples: economics, politics, family, art, religion, education and recreation.
- Skills: classify and present relevant information and ideas; compare information and ideas in different ways: in writing, orally and in graphic form; undertake a research process to locate, gather, organize and present relevant data; participate appropriately and effectively in the group.
- Values: recognize the contributions of each cultural group and the resulting multicultural nature of Canadian society,
Target Audience

Students at the secondary level

Ideas studied

- The evolution of the Fête fransaskoise over time and its contribution to the Francophone
community in Saskatchewan.


- Students first complete individual questionnaires which enable them to scan the site and prompt them to reflect on the theme of the Fête fransaskoise.
- Students meet in sub-groups and agree on a joint reply to questions in the category ?Go further?.
- The replies to the questions from each team are discussed in plenary session.
- The teacher can ask students what surprised them in this story and what they learned in scanning the site.

Material used

Questionnaire in PDF document to be printed.

Teacher's answer key, also in PDF to be printed.